Where to Buy Punk Fashion – Southwestern Ontario

Where do I buy my Punk Fashion? I get asked that all the time. The truth is that I do most of my shopping online. I find when online punk fashion brands send out email blasts with coupon codes, I can get some great deals. As someone who has worked in the e-commerce web industry, I have no problem supporting the online market. I live in Toronto and the price of everything here seems to skyrocket. Sometimes, I might go shopping in Kensington Market in the Summer. I have found some unique, well priced items there. But other than Kensington Market, and maybe some independent “pop-ups” (Like the Bazaar of the Bizarre) the only place I shop for clothes in person (real life lol) is at my favourite punk retail store London Rock, located at 202 Dundas St. In Downtown London, Ontario.

Punk Fashion - London Rock

They also have an online store too, located at http://rocklondon.ca/. Though I would recommend paying them a visit if you are ever in the area to view all of their inventory. At London Rock you never know what you will find. Whether you are looking for punk fashion, punkabilly clothing, or psycobilly fashion, this store has some great finds for you. I have seen everything from Batmobile t-shirts to this cool Social Distortion sweatshirt.
punk fashion - Social Distortion Sweatshirt
Heck, even if you are not in area, even if you spent $50 on gas getting there, you would still save yourself money with the well-priced merchandise they have AND find very unique items.

Here is their discount $5 rack. D.Y.I ALERT: If you’re in a band. This is a great rack to get some unique items that you can put your band logo on and resell at shows!
Punk Fashion- London Rock Discount Rack

Forget HotTopic – which is basically the “Walmart” of the punk fashion world. London Rock has been independently owned and operated since the early 90’s (yes, over 20 years!). You can get bargains and not support large corporations. 🙂
(Though, I’m not going to lie, I have totally shopped at HotTopic in the Eaton Centre before, mostly because I’m weak.)

London Rock is the ultimate Punk Fashion retail store to go to. Trust me.

Horror Punk Fashion – The Cleaver Clutch Bag by Kreepsville 666

Like Horror Punk Fashion? The best place for “original scare wear” is http://store.kreepsville666.com/. They have the some of the best items for Punk Fashion. Sometimes while I am on their website, I have a very “what came first/the chicken or egg?” type experience as many of their original designs are mimicked elsewhere. For example, a bought a Cleaver purse that I found on eBay back in 2013. I thought it was so cute and unique, but when I got it there was clearly something “off”. I later found out it was a rip off of a Kreepsville design!

(or view on Youtube)

The copyright for the Cleaver Clutch Bag is owned by Kreepsville. The original was designed by Kreepsville designer/owner Ash Ghoulmore.

Horror Punk Fashion Cleaver Clutch Bag by Kreepsville 66

Horror Punk Cleaver Clutch Bag by Kreepsville 666

This Kreepsville 666 vinyl Cleaver Clutch Bag, has a red satin style kreepsville 666 lining, with zip coin pocket and card pocket, zip closure, and is approx 37cm(w) x 18cm(h) x 3cm(d).

Like music, it is always better to buy from the original source. When independent designers first start out, it is very similar to musicians, or any other type of art, where they are working for little/no money. I see many independent designers struggle at first. If you want great art to be created, then you need to support the artists.
After discovering the http://store.kreepsville666.com/ site I have purchased many things from hair accessories, to purses and clothing.

horror punk fashion kreepsville accessories

Their spooky accessories add a bit of flare to any outfit

My favourite product is their comfy t-shirt dresses. They are one of my favourite things to wear in the summer because they are comfortable and cool. They even have an official Elvira line. Their products are a unique take on the horror punk look. Perfect for any Punkabilly/Psychobilly lover. Here is a Pinterest board of some of my favs:

Online Horror Punk Fashion

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