Punk Hairstyles – Spiked Punk Mohawk Tutorial

April 9, 2016 - Fashion

Looking for punk hairstyles? The liberty spiked mohawk has been around since the punk movement started in the early/mid 1970’s. My take on the punk mohawk is that I add pompadour bangs to make it a true punkabilly look.

Punk Hairstyles - Punk Mohawk. Get the Ultimate Punk Hair

Punk Hairstyles – Punk Mohawk

You asked how I do my Punk Hair and here it is! I could probably do a whole other video on “What people say to people with a Punk Mohawk” but maybe later. I’m not sure if it is clear in the video, but near the end when I am doing my bangs, I roll my bangs around a bobby pin and then twist and stick the bobby pin forward into the teased part of my bangs. Anyways, enjoy!

Here is the Punkabilly Mohawk Video Tutorial:

What you’ll need:


Hair Spray

Optional stuff you’ll need (nice to have)



Here is the Video I Shot After Filming the Tutorial