Lauren Spike’s Favourite Releases of 2017

December 6, 2017 - Music
Lauren Spike’s Favourite Releases of 2017

Punk Albums 2017 and more! Here are my top 5 picks for 2017 releases.  Albums include releases from The Electric Dead, The Creepshow, Dirty Work, Bad Cop/Bad Cop and Plan 37. I also give Toronto hardcore punk favourites Brutal Youth a nod, as I started listening to them this year and I was really blown away. I’ll include links to all the albums so you can check it out for yourself if you haven’t already. Me right now–>

punk albums 2017

LOL. But seriously, I’m sure you’ve heard of these bands. Especially if you are on my Facebook.

Punk Albums 2017

#1 The Electric Dead – Self-Titled (Devil Rock) (Self-Released)


Devil Rock? Horror Punk? Rock ‘n’ Roll? Yeah I don’t know what to label this band, but I love it! Released Friday, October 13, 2017, this is definitely my most listened to album of 2017 releases. Their tunes are so catchy that I knew all the words to the songs and was singing along before the album came out; Just from seeing them live a bunch of times. It’s hard to pick a “stand out” or “favourite” track because every song on this album is single worthy (No filler here). Buuuuttt my favourite track might be If You Love the Dead. Probably because it reminds me of my own debut Lauren Spike album Devil Skull– where I had to put the word “Dead” in almost every song LOL. Maybe I’ll cover it one day.

A song you might remember from their live show is When All is Lost (Satan Wants You) with the sing-a-long chorus “Satan wants you”. If you haven’t seen The Electric Dead live; What are you waiting for? 

For more info check out:


#2 The Creepshow – Death at My Door (Psychobilly) (Stomp Records)

Haters gonna hate! I LOVE the last two Creepshow albums. Stomp Records seems to be the place to be to check out Canadian Punk, Psychobilly and Ska. The album stays true to the classic Creepshow sound and brings the band to a new level. My favourite track off The Creepshow‘s new album has got to be Blood, Blood, Blood. They have YouTube videos for tracks Sticks & Stones and Death At My Door. The production and sound on this album is top notch with recording/mixing/mastering done at Drive Studios with Steve Rizun. Kendra’s vocals have never sounded better. Other stand out tracks include ‘Til Death Do Us Part and A.O.T.B.H.

For more info check out:


#3 Plan 37 – Say Goodbye (Punk) (Self-Released)

Another album that should be on everyone’s best punk albums 2017 list is from Toronto locals Plan 37. I believe this is the first full length album from the band. The album includes some previously released material such as On the Run and some new songs. If you like old-skool style melodic punk, you will like this. With stand out tracks, Already Here & Say Goodbye, the sound reminds me of something you would hear from Hellcat Records.

For more info check out:


#4 Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Warriors (Punk) (Fat Wreck Chords)

As far as “Punk Albums 2017” go, this was the most highly anticipated album for me. After seeing them open for the Interrupters last year at the Hard Luck Bar, I was hooked. At the show, I picked up their debut full-length album, Not Sorry and listened to it non-stop. Immediately following the Interrupters tour, the band began recording this new album. Spending roughly six weeks between Hurley Studios and Maple Sound Studios with their longtime collaborator and producer Davey Warsop, with mixing and mastering by Jason Livermore (Descendents, Lagwagon). The new album, Warriors, stays true to the Bad Cop/Bad Cop sound with intense vocal harmonies and “fight-for-the-under-dog” oriented lyrical content.  Stand out tracks include Amputations and Womanarchist.

For more info check out:


#5 Dirty Work – Out for You (Oi Punk) (Self-released/Food waste records/Back from the dead records)

Talk about punk albums 2017! Busy! Busy! Busy! Not only did this band release their full length album Out for You in March of this year, but they have just released a split EP with ShortFuse. When the band isn’t putting out albums they are touring or playing shows in Toronto. Usually at punk underground heavyweight bar; Coalition. I never get sick of some good ol’ Oi Punk! My favourite tracks include Rash Boogie with the “Summer lovin’ ” interlude and self-titled track Dirty Work.

For more info check out:


Just A Mention…


Brutal Youth – Sanguine (Hardcore Punk) (Stomp Records)


Goddammit this is a great album! I picked it up when I opened for them and the Creepshow at the Bovine Sex Club. It was released in September 2016, but it feels like a 2017 album to me because that’s when I discovered it. The Electric Dead, The Creepshow and Brutal Youth are the artists that I have been listening to the most this year and that have made my year musically.

The track Whiteway really speaks to me with lyrics with “I know you tried to end your life/So fucking glad you’re still alive”. I have said those words to people in my life and it doesn’t matter how much to say that to someone dealing with mental issues, their demons are their own. Who knows, maybe this song will resonate with someone in that situation. Having dealt with friends’ suicides there are some people I wish I could say that to (again).

My favourite track on the album is The King which has a YouTube video:

What were your favourite albums of 2017?

Punk Albums 2017?

Any artists make your year?