Lauren Spike’s Favourite Releases of 2017


Punk Albums 2017 and more! Here are my top 5 picks for 2017 releases.  Albums include releases from The Electric Dead, The Creepshow, Dirty Work, Bad Cop/Bad Cop and Plan 37. I also give Toronto hardcore punk favourites Brutal Youth a nod, as I started listening to them this year and I was really blown away. I’ll include links to all the albums so you can check it out for yourself if you haven’t already. Me right now–>

punk albums 2017

LOL. But seriously, I’m sure you’ve heard of these bands. Especially if you are on my Facebook.

Punk Albums 2017

#1 The Electric Dead – Self-Titled (Devil Rock) (Self-Released)


Devil Rock? Horror Punk? Rock ‘n’ Roll? Yeah I don’t know what to label this band, but I love it! Released Friday, October 13, 2017, this is definitely my most listened to album of 2017 releases. Their tunes are so catchy that I knew all the words to the songs and was singing along before the album came out; Just from seeing them live a bunch of times. It’s hard to pick a “stand out” or “favourite” track because every song on this album is single worthy (No filler here). Buuuuttt my favourite track might be If You Love the Dead. Probably because it reminds me of my own debut Lauren Spike album Devil Skull– where I had to put the word “Dead” in almost every song LOL. Maybe I’ll cover it one day.

A song you might remember from their live show is When All is Lost (Satan Wants You) with the sing-a-long chorus “Satan wants you”. If you haven’t seen The Electric Dead live; What are you waiting for? 

For more info check out:


#2 The Creepshow – Death at My Door (Psychobilly) (Stomp Records)

Haters gonna hate! I LOVE the last two Creepshow albums. Stomp Records seems to be the place to be to check out Canadian Punk, Psychobilly and Ska. The album stays true to the classic Creepshow sound and brings the band to a new level. My favourite track off The Creepshow‘s new album has got to be Blood, Blood, Blood. They have YouTube videos for tracks Sticks & Stones and Death At My Door. The production and sound on this album is top notch with recording/mixing/mastering done at Drive Studios with Steve Rizun. Kendra’s vocals have never sounded better. Other stand out tracks include ‘Til Death Do Us Part and A.O.T.B.H.

For more info check out:


#3 Plan 37 – Say Goodbye (Punk) (Self-Released)

Another album that should be on everyone’s best punk albums 2017 list is from Toronto locals Plan 37. I believe this is the first full length album from the band. The album includes some previously released material such as On the Run and some new songs. If you like old-skool style melodic punk, you will like this. With stand out tracks, Already Here & Say Goodbye, the sound reminds me of something you would hear from Hellcat Records.

For more info check out:


#4 Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Warriors (Punk) (Fat Wreck Chords)

As far as “Punk Albums 2017” go, this was the most highly anticipated album for me. After seeing them open for the Interrupters last year at the Hard Luck Bar, I was hooked. At the show, I picked up their debut full-length album, Not Sorry and listened to it non-stop. Immediately following the Interrupters tour, the band began recording this new album. Spending roughly six weeks between Hurley Studios and Maple Sound Studios with their longtime collaborator and producer Davey Warsop, with mixing and mastering by Jason Livermore (Descendents, Lagwagon). The new album, Warriors, stays true to the Bad Cop/Bad Cop sound with intense vocal harmonies and “fight-for-the-under-dog” oriented lyrical content.  Stand out tracks include Amputations and Womanarchist.

For more info check out:


#5 Dirty Work – Out for You (Oi Punk) (Self-released/Food waste records/Back from the dead records)

Talk about punk albums 2017! Busy! Busy! Busy! Not only did this band release their full length album Out for You in March of this year, but they have just released a split EP with ShortFuse. When the band isn’t putting out albums they are touring or playing shows in Toronto. Usually at punk underground heavyweight bar; Coalition. I never get sick of some good ol’ Oi Punk! My favourite tracks include Rash Boogie with the “Summer lovin’ ” interlude and self-titled track Dirty Work.

For more info check out:


Just A Mention…


Brutal Youth – Sanguine (Hardcore Punk) (Stomp Records)


Goddammit this is a great album! I picked it up when I opened for them and the Creepshow at the Bovine Sex Club. It was released in September 2016, but it feels like a 2017 album to me because that’s when I discovered it. The Electric Dead, The Creepshow and Brutal Youth are the artists that I have been listening to the most this year and that have made my year musically.

The track Whiteway really speaks to me with lyrics with “I know you tried to end your life/So fucking glad you’re still alive”. I have said those words to people in my life and it doesn’t matter how much to say that to someone dealing with mental issues, their demons are their own. Who knows, maybe this song will resonate with someone in that situation. Having dealt with friends’ suicides there are some people I wish I could say that to (again).

My favourite track on the album is The King which has a YouTube video:

What were your favourite albums of 2017?

Punk Albums 2017?

Any artists make your year?




Rancid Toronto – July 29/17, Rancid and Dropkick Murphys & AFTER PARTY

rancid toronto

Rancid Toronto – Rancid hits Toronto on July 29th, 2017 as part of their co-headlining tour, From Boston to Berkeley, with The Dropkick Murphys.

***Scroll Down for AFTER PARTY Info***


Rancid Toronto

If you don’t already have tickets. Well, I guess you are shit out of luck, unless you want to pay scalper prices. The From Boston to Berkeley Toronto tour stop at Echo Beach is sold out. The last time Rancid was in Toronto was for Riot Fest 2015 – which was the last time the festival was held in Toronto. Dropkick Murphys were here last September as part of TURF – Toronto Urban Roots festival. Also on the bill are The Bouncing Souls and Jake Burns  (best known as the front-man for Stiff Little Fingers). This co-headlining bill was something Canadian punk lovers couldn’t miss out on. Other sold out dates on the tour include Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Asbury Park NJ and Sacramento CA.

Rancid Toronto After Party

Remember when Rancho Relexo used to have punk shows upstairs? Well, that space has now been officially turned into a new underground music venue called Stop, Drop & Roll. If you couldn’t get tickets, or if you want something to do after the Rancid show. There is an after party show going on at Stop, Drop & Roll, 300 College St. Pink door above Rancho Relaxo.
Keep your Rancid/Dropkick Murphys Ticket stub, this will grant you free entry into the after party.
If you don’t have tickets to Rancid/Dropkick Murphys you can buy $5 adv. tickets at

The after party show will feature many local punk favourites including The Liquor Pigs, Cadillac Blood, Censor and Punkabilly act Lauren Spike.
rancid toronto

From Echo Beach to Stop, Drop & Roll

Stop, Drop & Roll is one streetcar ride from Echo Beach. Just take the 511 Bathurst streetcar from Exhibition Loop and get off at College St. Walk east, toward Spadina past Augusta Ave. It is the Pink door above Rancho Relaxo.

From Union Station to Stop, Drop & Roll

If you are coming to/from Union station, it is also one streetcar ride. Just take the 510 Spadina streetcar to College and then walk west. The Spadina streetcar is kinda tricky to find if you are new to the city. You go to the TTC at union station and down to the subway platform where the Subway runs. There you will see signs directing you to the “streetcars”.

You could always just take the subway from Union station and walk from Queen’s park or take the 506 streetcar west on College. But personally I’d take the Spadina streetcar.


Just type in 300 College St. into Google and away you go!

More Links:

Facebook event here.

BlogTO event

NowToronto Listing

Exclaim Listing

JustShows Listing

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Punk Rock Poster

poster tutorial


Need a poster for a gig?

Never fear, a D.I.Y. poster tutorial is here! Having a captivating image can help people notice your show. You can share it online. Adding a visual element to social shares is proven to attract more attention than social media posts with no images. The old school method of printing off posters to hang in the bar or in a record store still works! Every gig you do should have some sort of poster. Here is how you can do it yourself!

Poster Tutorial

Here is a simple poster tutorial! In this video I show you how to make a quick and easy punk rock poster in Adobe Photoshop. I also used Adobe Illustrator to copy and paste in a feature image, but you could skip this step by just using File–Place in Photoshop. This is a simple technique that can be applied in various ways.




Below are the websites used and a step-by-step guide.

Websites used in Tutorial:


Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Make a new file 8.5″ x 11″ (In Photoshop)
Step 2: Get Background Image (I search the keyword “Grunge”)
Step 3: Get Fonts (From
Step 4: Install Fonts (My computer– C: drive — windows — fonts. Drag new fonts into Font folder)
Step 5: Get Feature Image (From or use a band photo, etc.)
Step 6: Paste or Place into Photoshop, change blending mode to Multiply
Step 7: Put in Info using the your fonts
Step 8: Center Image and Text (using align tool)
Step 9: Save!


Don’t Have Photoshop?

You could always go the old school approach. Drawing a poster with a marker, or literally cutting and pasting print letters and photos can give you a D.I.Y. punk look with no technical skills needed. All you need to do is bring your flyer to a local print centre and make black and white copies. See this blog post for some examples:


or North by Northeast is an annual music and arts festival held in each June in Toronto. Each year NXNE presents hundreds of bands from Canada and around the globe in over 50 of Toronto’s music venues. Many of us Torontians know NXNE for it’s 4am last calls. All week, Toronto bars are able to apply for a special festival liquor license that enables them to sever alcohol until 4am (Normally cut-off is 2am). Thus, NXNE is know as a major “party” week in the city.

This year the NXNE music festival runs from June 16 – 25th. In the past, NXNE has hosted international punk rock headliners such as Iggy and the Stooges, Social Distortion, and Bad Religion.

This year, their line-up for bigger shows lacks punk rock artists. If you are looking for a good punk/rock show I’d suggest checking out their Club Land: Curator Series.  Bands are selected by leaders in the industry such as Ian D’sa from Billy Talent and Dine Alone Record punkers’ The Dirty Nil. Grab your $20 Curator Series wristband at any of these shows or at / ticketscene.

My Picks Calendar for NXNE 2017

There are  numerous punk rock bands/shows playing the club nights with the 4am last calls. Below I picked one favourite NXNE show for each day:


Friday June 16th

NXNE Presents: Cadillacs & Cadavers, Ship Of Fools + MORE

To kick off the NXNE festivities, there’s a D.I.Y. punk show at Hard Luck Bar.
These are all independent bands. No record labels, no managers, d i y punk at it’s best.
My personal favourites Cadillacs and Cadavers will bring you an energetic punk show that you don’t want to miss!


Saturday June 17th

NXNE! Slamboni/SweaterPants/WetBandits/MustardJunkies/Green Girl

You just don’t find bands like Slamboni anymore.
Combining ska, punk and reggae into an action-packed rock anthem format in a way that manages to be both fresh and nostalgic!


Sunday June 18th

Thrashards / Burdizzo / Toxic Deathula

4 am last call at Stop Drop and Roll with some killer punk bands


Monday June 19th

Raina Douris curates the Bovine Sex Club, June 19th

Blunt Chunks
Pins & Needles


Tuesday June 20th

Free Punk show at Bovine

FREE PUNK SHOW! Need I say more? Everyone knows Tuesday is Free Punk show night
at the scene’s most long lasting punk/alt venue. You could literally go to the Bovine every night during NXNE and have a good time.


Wednesday June 21th

The Dirty Nil curate The Garrison

More details at:


Thursday June 22nd

NXNE Curator Series – Ian D’Sa (Billy Talent)

94.9 The Rock and Billy Talent’s Ian D’Sa bring you “What’s Brewing at NXNE”
sponsored by Budweiser and Porsche with The Lazys at the Horseshoe Tavern on June 22nd! My personal favourites The Anti-queens are one of
the openers and they are one of the best local punk rock bands going right now. Make sure to catch their set.


Friday June 23rd


NeXT@NXNE presents a double show at The Horseshoe Tavern. My favourites Munizo are on at 9:00


Saturday June 24th

NXNE at Cherry Colas//4am Last Call//Day 9//Saturday June 24

Gen Gorman
Melany Rez
The Less Unfortunates
The Sours
Killer virgins
more tba


Sunday June 25th

NXNE Music & Arts Conference in Toronto, Canada

Rock – Grandson

Top 5 Punkabilly/Punk Concert Venues in Toronto 2017

Hey Toronto Punk!

Hey Toronto punk, I’m going to list my favourite venues! Ok, so my list might be a little bias because as a musician, how clubs treat me when I play them definitely affects my opinion of them.  I will also take into account which ones I actually go to. My focus for this blog will be more on D.I.Y. shows.

toronto-punk-hard-luck-bar1. Hard Luck Bar

772A Dundas St W. (Dundas & Bathurst)

It brings in great quality touring punk and metal bands as well as hosts great local shows. Sometimes the bar is used by larger promotion companies such as Collective Concerts, when they need a medium sized venue to host a punk crowd. As a local punk artist in Toronto, what I like about this bar is that they remember you. They will message you directly if they are interested in having you put on a show and will have you as an opener for a larger band if they need one.
More info at:


Punk-Toronto-Coalition2. Coalition

282 Augusta Ave. (Kensington Market)

The sound of the underground! A bar near and dear to my heart as I played the first Lauren Spike show there! It was nice that they gave lil’ ol’ me a chance. Great atmosphere and great place to play. This bar features a large stage, pinball machines and a couple couches placed around the venue for lounging. It is located in Kensington Market, right off College street on Augusta. Very nice staff and D.I.Y. vibe. I have seen many underground shows here that other venues might not have hosted. More info at


stop-drop-and-roll-toronto-punk3. Stop, Drop & Roll

300 College st. (above Rancho Relaxo, just look for the Pink door)

The new kid on the block! Stop, Drop & Roll has been opened since the last week of December in 2016 and has already hosted legendary punks The Dead Boys, among others. Across the street from Coalition, they recently did a joint show with the other venue where patrons could buy wrist bands and attend both club’s shows. Talk about supporting the scene, what a concept! The staff and people involved in this venue are really working hard to pump up the scene. Check it out if you haven’t already! More info at:


toronto-punk-bovine-sex-club4. Bovine Sex Club

542 Queen St W.

Talk about legendary, this Toronto punk club has been rockin’ it since early 1991! It is a must see location for anyone new to or visiting Toronto. The bar itself is used in a lot of Canadian movie and TV productions such as Orphan Black. When you visit, you’ll see why. It’s “the bar with all the crap on the walls”! The list of legendary punk bands that have played here is endless. Open 7 days a week, it’s hard NOT to play here as a punk band! The bar features great walk-in traffic and a home crowd. More info at:

toronto-punk-cherry-colas5. Cherry Colas

200 Bathurst St. (Queen and Bathrust)

Cherry Colas’ is not what you might normally think of when you think of a “punk Toronto venue”. It’s a bit too pretty, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. This venue is not afraid to book indie punk bands. In fact, I’ve seen more “punk” bands play here than other so-called “punk venues”. The regulars at this club are not afraid to start a pit when things get a little punkified as well.
More info at:



CMW 2017 Presents Lauren Spike live at the Bovine Sex Club April 18th

CMW – Canadian Music Week is back in 2017 with hundreds of bands including 54/40, Good Charlotte and Melissa Etheridge.

CMW Showcase April 18th
cmw showcase bovine sex club april 18

As Canada’s largest new music festival, CMW combines as a music, comedy, and film festival, along with hosting a conference as well as a trade and award show. This marks CMW’s 35th year! CMW takes over Toronto’s downtown live music venues putting on artist showcases and concerts of all sizes.

This year CMW brings punkabilly to the forefront with an artist showcase featuring Toronto’s punk favourite Lauren Spike. Lauren Spike will be preforming a 40 minute set with her band which will consist of new, unreleased songs. Emerging from the punk scene of Toronto, Ontario, Lauren Spike came out with her debut EP “Devil Skull” in June 2015. Stand out tracks include “Devil’s Girl” and “Bloodsucker” which both have remarkable D.I.Y. videos on Youtube. Embodying the D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) punk spirit, Lauren Spike has toured Canada, including a notable performance at Amnesia Rockfest 2016 – Canada’s largest music festival. The music of Lauren Spike appeals to punk, grunge, psychobilly and rock fans alike.

Show up to the Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen Street West – near Queen & Bathurst) at 10pm sharp on April 18th  to see this showcase.

Other bands on the bill include Montreal’s Paddle to the Sea, Kingston surf-rockers The Huaraches, and old-school punk band The Extroverts.

CMW presents Lauren Spike

Tickets available on the CMW website.

Other Links:
Facebook Event Here.
BlogTo Event Here.

The Interrupters and Bad Cop Bad Cop at Hard Luck Bar Toronto – Concert Review

Last night The Interrupters & Bad Cop Bad Cop, wowed audiences as they gave it their all in front of a packed crowd at Toronto’s Hard Luck Bar venue.

Bad Cop / Bad Cop


bad-cop-bad-cop toronto hard luckBad Cop / Bad Cop is a punk band from California who are signed to (NOFX/Fat Mike’s) the record company Fat Wreck Chords. It is no surprise that the band has recently been voted “Best Punk Band” by OC weekly.

I was pleasantly surprised that the band sounded almost exactly the same live as on the record – I mean this in a good way. No backing tracks here. The band was so tight that the drummer sounded like she was playing to a click track – though I could not see an in-ear monitor.   It was astonishing how well the band harmonized vocals live. All the members of the band can stand alone as great singers/musicians.

Stand out songs included Nightmare and It’s My Life.

It was differently worth the trip out just to see Bad Cop / Bad Cop. To say that I was “impressed” by the live performance would be an understatement. I picked up a copy of their debut full length CD “Not Sorry” which is out now on Fat Wreck Chords.



The Interrupters


The headliners of the night, The Interrupters, are a ska punk band signed to (RANCID/Tim Armstrong’s) record label Hellcat Records. They just released a new album entitled “Say it Out Loud”.

the-interrupters-toronto-hard-luck-barThe packed bar went crazy when The Interrupters took the stage. It seemed like a lot of the ska lovin’ fans had been waiting a long time to see The Interrupters live.

They had a great energy and interactive approach to their set. They asked the audience to shout out “requests” during a portion of their performance.

Crowd favourites included Family and Take Back the Power.

If you have haven’t seen The Interrupters or Bad Cop / Bad Cop yet don’t fret. They still have another month or so of this tour left. See tour dates below:

the interrupters and bad cop bad cop tour dates

Amnesia Rockfest Brings Punkabilly Musician Lauren Spike with the Rocker Contest (concours rocker)

Rocker Contest (concours rocker) Amnesia Rockfest 2016

Rocker Contest (concours rocker) Amnesia Rockfest 2016

Back in March 2016, Amnesia Rockfest launched their 2016 Rocker Contest (concours rocker), an online voting contest to pick one band to play at their music festival.

Over 125 bands entered the Rocker Contest (concours rocker). The contest was simple; share the voting link and get your fans to vote for you once a day. The judges would then pick a winner from the top 10 most voted bands.

The voting contest lasted over 2.5 months. It was very exciting to see the top 10 bands shift throughout the Rocker Contest (concours rocker), though for the most part, it mostly stayed the same.

I am honoured to announce that they selected my band, Lauren Spike, from the top 10 to play. I was at #3 at the time of selection, so I guess I stuck out!

In reality, this isn’t just a win for me, it’s a win for punk, psychobilly and punkabilly music everywhere. For the musicians and fans, the music and scene we create IS important, and DOES have value. Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope for us yet. I’d also like to give a big shout out to everyone that voted for me in this contest. YOU made this happen!

Here are the show details for our set at Amnesia Rockfest 2016 in Montebello, QC, Canada:

Date: Thursday, June 23rd
Time slot: 5pm
Stage: Tony Sly 1

As much as online contests can be flawed. I would recommend this contest to any band. The fact that they pick a band from the top 10 really gives you a chance. “Real people” at the festival actually listen to your music and make a decision, so it’s not 100% automated. It takes about 20-30 people voting for you a day to get into the top 10. If you’re in a band with a strong fan base, you should not have a problem (<– please keep that in mind before posting negative comments about the contest. lol).

From a marketing perspective, the Rocker Contest (concours rocker) is great promotion for the festival. Driving hundreds of voters to their site daily and having bands share the festival website on all their social media channels. As someone who has taken university level marketing courses, I applaud Amnesia Rockfest for this unique approach.

I hope that the festival continues to combine marketing initiatives with opportunities to have new (independent) talent take the stage. As an independent musician, I know opportunities like these are few and far between, and you gotta take every opportunity you can.

Rocker Contest (concours rocker) Amnesia Rockfest 2016

Rocker Contest (concours rocker) Amnesia Rockfest 2016

Michale Graves (ex-lead singer of Horror Punk Legends, The Misfits) Concert Tour 2016

Michale Graves is currently on tour in support of this latest release “When Worlds Collide“.
The North American Tour is making a stop in Toronto on June 9th.

Ok, I’m probably dating myself but I grew up on the Michale Graves era Misfits. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Danzig and other eras too, but the Michale Graves era is what is nostalgic to me. I remember being in grade school and setting my VCR to record MuchMusic’s LOUD every Friday at midnight. LOUD was a television program on the music channel that featured music videos from “heavier” bands that were not played during the regular music video rotation. I remember recording the show was a “big deal” for me. I’d call and get my mom to do it if I was sleeping over at a friend’s house. I needed to have all the videos on VCR tape to watch them over and over again (FYI This is before YouTube lol) . As well, if I couldn’t watch it that night, it would be the first thing I did on Saturday morning.

One Saturday as I played the tape I saw the video for “Dig Up Her Bones” by the Misfits:

This was my first introduction to legendary Horror Punk band the Misfits. Michale Graves did lead vocals on two full-length Misfits Albums, American Psycho and Famous Monsters. He also did backup vocals on the 1999 single Monster Mash and Cuts from the Crypt.

By the time I was old enough to start attending concerts, Graves was out of the band and a new Misfits line-up was in. When Michale Graves comes to Toronto on June 9th, 2016 it will be my first time seeing Misfits songs off the albums American Psycho and Famous Monsters performed by him. You can buy tickets to the Toronto show at

Michale Graves tickets

Michale Graves When Worlds Collide North American Tour

Here is a list of some of the upcoming tour dates:

Date Venue City
Apr 19 The Foundry Lakewood, Ohio
Apr 20 Annabelle’s Lounge  Akron, Ohio
Apr 22 Mother Pug’s Saloon Staten Island, New York
Apr 23 Maxwell’s Hoboken, New Jersey
Apr 28 Fuzebox Albany, New York
Apr 29 Dover Brickhouse Dover, New Hampshire
Apr 30 ONCE Ballroom Somerville, Massachusetts (Boston)
May 1 Firehouse 13 Providence, Rhode Island
May 3 Spirit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 4 Raw Ink Studio Gaithersburg, Maryland
May 5 Muncheez Bar and Grill Beckley, West Virginia
May 6 Billy’s Barn Salem, Virginia
May 7 Crossroads Garwood, New Jersey
Jun 9 The Rockpile Toronto, Ontario CAN
Jun 10 Mavericks Bar Ottawa, Ontario CAN

For more info on Tourdates please go to:


Punk Guitar – Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic

Can a punk guitar be acoustic? Well I’m here to tell you YES it can because this signature acoustic guitar by Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong plays like an electric. The Tim Armstrong Hellcat guitar by Fender is a light guitar with low action. It does not feel like you are playing an acoustic. It is perfect for writing or jamming acoustic tunes if you are a punk musician who is used to playing an electric guitar. It features a built in tuner (Fishman® Isys III System with Active Onboard Preamp and Tuner) so you can really just pick and up an go. Great for jamming around a campfire.

Punk Guitar – Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic by Fender

Punk Guitar - Tim Armstrong Hellcat

I was fortunate enough to win this guitar via a social media contest that that Rancid’s instagram account hosted at the end of last year.

Punk Guitar Winnings

The contest incorporated two of my favourite things, music and graphic design. The contest was a poster design contest for their show on New Years Eve in L.A. You simply designed a poster for the show and posted it to your instagram account using #thebash. Rancid then took a screen shot of your design (using a mobile device) and reposted it to their instagram account. People would vote by liking the posts on the Rancid account. The 5 top designs with the most likes (by Dec. 15th, 2015) won a signature Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic guitar and guess passes to their show on NYE.

Punk guitar winners

As a fan, it made me feel so “special” to have the Rancid instagram account share my poster design.  I loved watching the likes go up during the contest and viewing all the other submissions. I spent hours on my phone keeping track of the #thebash hashtag and looking at all the new designs. There were SO many great designs. Honestly there were a lot better designs than mine. Especially the ones that where illustrations. I took graphic design in college and I do have an advanced diploma in it, but I am mostly just an admirer of that art form. As for work these days I mostly focus on producing websites.  Online contests are mostly just a popularity contest…Speaking of which, Please vote for me to play at Amnesia Rockfest. Go to Scroll down to “Lauren Spike” and click “Vote for This Band”. You can vote once a day! Thanks!

Rockfest Poster - Lauren Spike

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