The Interrupters and Bad Cop Bad Cop at Hard Luck Bar Toronto – Concert Review

Last night The Interrupters & Bad Cop Bad Cop, wowed audiences as they gave it their all in front of a packed crowd at Toronto’s Hard Luck Bar venue.

Bad Cop / Bad Cop


bad-cop-bad-cop toronto hard luckBad Cop / Bad Cop is a punk band from California who are signed to (NOFX/Fat Mike’s) the record company Fat Wreck Chords. It is no surprise that the band has recently been voted “Best Punk Band” by OC weekly.

I was pleasantly surprised that the band sounded almost exactly the same live as on the record – I mean this in a good way. No backing tracks here. The band was so tight that the drummer sounded like she was playing to a click track – though I could not see an in-ear monitor.   It was astonishing how well the band harmonized vocals live. All the members of the band can stand alone as great singers/musicians.

Stand out songs included Nightmare and It’s My Life.

It was differently worth the trip out just to see Bad Cop / Bad Cop. To say that I was “impressed” by the live performance would be an understatement. I picked up a copy of their debut full length CD “Not Sorry” which is out now on Fat Wreck Chords.



The Interrupters


The headliners of the night, The Interrupters, are a ska punk band signed to (RANCID/Tim Armstrong’s) record label Hellcat Records. They just released a new album entitled “Say it Out Loud”.

the-interrupters-toronto-hard-luck-barThe packed bar went crazy when The Interrupters took the stage. It seemed like a lot of the ska lovin’ fans had been waiting a long time to see The Interrupters live.

They had a great energy and interactive approach to their set. They asked the audience to shout out “requests” during a portion of their performance.

Crowd favourites included Family and Take Back the Power.

If you have haven’t seen The Interrupters or Bad Cop / Bad Cop yet don’t fret. They still have another month or so of this tour left. See tour dates below:

the interrupters and bad cop bad cop tour dates

Dr. Martens Goes Punkabilly with Demented are Go Pascal Boot

Dr. Martens teams up with legendary Welsh Psychobilly band, Demented are Go for a punkabilly inspired boot design. Dr. Martens states “As one of the first bands to mix punk rock with rockabilly, they trailblazed the psychobilly movement and we’re unbelievably proud to be working with them.1

The Demented are Go Pascal Boot features two album covers on a 1460 boot; Dr. Martens’ classic 8-eye boot with yellow welt and signature air cushioned sole. The albums inspiring the design include 1989 studio album “Demented Are Go Present… The Demon Teds ‎– The Day The Earth Spat Blood” and a 1990 live release, “Go Go Demented”.
(In some instances, you can purchase these two albums together SEE

Dr. Martens Demented are Go

Demented Are Go Present… The Demon Teds ‎– The Day The Earth Spat Blood Go Go Demented

Dr. Martens Go Go Demented

Demented Are Go – Go Go Demented











Demented are Go Pascal Boot


(Also available in Red)













Stand for Something

This isn’t the first time Dr. Martens has team up with a Psychobilly band. As part of their #standforsomething campaign and #standfornothing films, Dr. Martens worked with Female Psychobilly band As Diabatz.

When asked to comment on the #standforsomething Campaign, Dr. Martens says:

Throughout Dr. Martens history, the brand has been adopted and subverted by countless rebellious characters, subcultures and tribes. Dr. Martens wearers bring the shoes and boots to life, and should be recognized. These are the people who stand out from the crowd in their own unique way and for many, their journey of self-expression has always been accompanied by a pair of Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens A/W-13 campaign (What Do You Stand For?) celebrates these free-thinking individuals; from the first timers to those who have been with us forever. These are authentic characters who stand for something.

With all the available styles and colours of Dr. Martens, along with the British heritage, it’s no surprise that these boots are worn by punk rockers.









Has the Psychobilly/punkabilly sub culture adopted Dr. Martens boots? I think so,
and It looks like Dr. Martens has noticed!


I ordered my Demented are Go Dr. Martens from Email them for more info.