Monthly Archives: April 2016

Michale Graves (ex-lead singer of Horror Punk Legends, The Misfits) Concert Tour 2016
Michale Graves is currently on tour in support of this latest release “When Worlds Collide“. The North American Tour is making a stop in [...]
Punk Guitar – Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic
Can a punk guitar be acoustic? Well I’m here to tell you YES it can because this signature acoustic guitar by Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong plays [...]
Psychobilly Meeting 2015
Psychobilly Meeting 2015
The Psychobilly Meeting has been one of Europe’s biggest psychobilly festivals for over 20 years! Last year I attended the 23rd annual Psychobilly [...]
Where to Buy Punk Fashion – Southwestern Ontario
Where do I buy my Punk Fashion? I get asked that all the time. The truth is that I do most of my shopping online. I find when online punk fashion brands [...]
Horror Punk Fashion – The Cleaver Clutch Bag by Kreepsville 666
Like Horror Punk Fashion? The best place for “original scare wear” is They have the some of the best items [...]
Punkabilly Bands to Check Out
Psychobilly is rockabilly with another set of influences like punk, ska, surf, or a different attitude. Essentially Punkabilly IS Psychobilly, but more [...]
Punk Hairstyles – Spiked Punk Mohawk Tutorial
Looking for punk hairstyles? The liberty spiked mohawk has been around since the punk movement started in the early/mid 1970’s. My take on the punk [...]
Punkabilly Show – Gutter Demons and The House of Haunt
It was a cold night for a Psychobilly show in Toronto. Saturday,  February 13th, was one of the coldest days that Toronto has seen in two years. As we sat [...]